What We Do:

We produce and deliver the fresh(export) quality mangoes online right at the customer’s doorstep(Home Delivery). Our mango farm produces the following varieties:

  1. Dusehri
  2. Anwar Ratol
  3. Sindhri
  4. Summer Bahisht (Mausami) Chaunsa
  5. Chanab Gold (New Sindhri)
  6. Anwar Ratol late (12 number)
  7. White Chaunsa (Nawabpuri)
  8. Rattaywala
  9. Sensation (laal Badshah)

Welcome To Our Chanab Farms

About Chanab Farms: Chanab Mango farms is situated in Multan District. The farm is comprised of 400 acres and is registered with the GOVT of Pakistan. With over 40 years old, we are one of the trusted names in producing, exporting and selling the highest quality mangoes online domestically and internationally. The farm has achieved several distinctions nationally and internationally. 

Multan has always been considered as a major cultivator of wide varieties of nutrition enriched Mangoes. Blessed by Nature for having one of the perfect atmospheric conditions to grow Mangoes, we have gained the experience over the years to produce Mangoes in bulk amount and deliver fresh and quality mangoes to domestic and the global markets.
At Chanab Farms, we have a passion for customer satisfaction with quality. Driving our local farm to the global market and to serve client’s need is our absolute priority.

Our vision is to be a world-class provider of innovative and sustainable fresh produce solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Chanab Farms is a company whose employees are committed to producing the highest-quality mangoes, thus achieving the highest customer satisfaction. We accomplish this through teamwork, embodying integrity and progressive agricultural practices in a safe, wholesome work environment.

Food Safety

Food safety is our top priority and drives all aspects of our business from field to fork.

Customer orientation: We care about our customers needs, as well as fulfill their orders and exceed their expectations.

Quality product: One of our main goals is the provision of highest quality mangoes to our customers. We advance our quality standard through continuous improvement, promoting agricultural best practices and using Statistical Process Control. 

Teamwork: We promote the collaboration between our workers, giving the best of each one and assuming responsibilities to reach a common goal.


We are committed to treating our employees AND CUSTOMERS with dignity, fairness and respect and hold ourselves to that standard in all aspects of our business.

Continuous improvement:

We face each day looking for ways to improve all aspects of our business with common sense and innovation.


Protecting the environmental, human and fiscal sustainability of our business drives every decision we make.

Work Ethic:

Our success is the result of generations of hard work and ingenuity. We continue to apply this same principle today.

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